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FAQ – What to know before enrolling your child with Málaga Drama Collective

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I love answering questions about our activities as I get to talk about something that I have a real passion for.

To start things off, I have compiled some of the most common questions from our parents:

Question 1: When are the classes?

Tuesdays from 5:30pm to 7pm during school term-time

Please aim to arrive 15 minutes ahead of the class start time so that the children have enough time to eat their snacks before we begin the fun!

Question 2: Where are the classes?

We have two venues with BeWorking in Málaga city and instructions will be provided ahead of each class as to which location we will be at.

Our first location is a spacious room in the Guadaljaire neighbourhood and is surrounded by local amenities including public transport connections, a relaxing park with fun playground areas, grocery stores and local eateries.

Address: Sala 3, Calle Alejandro Dumas 17, 29004, Málaga 

Upon entering the ground floor entrance at this BeWorking location, please go up the stairs to the reception area and turn right into the corridor until you get to the room marked Sala 3.

The nearest car park to this venue is Avenida Virgen de Belén Parking.

Nearest public transport options are Avda. Isaac Peral bus stop (route 27), and train stop is at Puerta Blanca Metro station (Line 2).

Our second location is on the top floor in Room 2 in the industrial estate of Polígono Santa Bárbara.

Address: Calle Licurgo, 40, 29004 Málaga

Upon entering the ground floor entrance, please go to the top of the stairs and turn left into the classroom.

You can park in available spaces along the road or find a place to drop off and pick up.

The nearest public transport bus stop is Hermanos Lumiere (route 1), and the nearest train stop is at Puerta Blanca Metro station (Line 2).

To give you an idea of car journey times, these locations are roughly up to:

  • 5 minutes drive from Bobby Jump Trampoline Park Málaga
  • 10 minute drive from Plaza Mayor shopping mall
  • 15 minute drive from the Port of Málaga
  • 20 minute drive from MIT School and central Alhaurín de la Torre
  • 25 minute drive from Novaschool Sunland International, British School of Málaga or St. Anthony’s College

Please note that unfortunately these venues do not have elevator access.

Question 3: Do you teach in English?

In short, yes.

Please carry on reading the rest of the Q&As to learn more about how we can cater for those for whom English is not their first language

Question 4: My child is just starting to learn English. Will they be able to cope with the classes / rehearsals / shows?

Yes, of course! Over the many years that I have been working with children and young adults I have always been amazed by their ability to adapt to new situations and absorb things like sponges! 

This is even more apparent when they can learn to relax and enjoy themselves in the moment in an exciting and didactic environment.

Young individuals can learn so much so quickly! From exploring how to become a method actor to a comical pantomime performer, or even learning a whole other language, youthful minds are simply amazing at adjusting and thriving even with new things. 

Besides, around 50% of communication is with our bodies so we are already halfway there!

children fun colourful happy acting drama

To help each individual feel comfortable, we would advise that there is some basic knowledge of English, but we all have to start somewhere right? Whilst the classes are conducted in British English, I will always do my best to try and make each members’ experience as unique as possible. I may adapt teaching styles and other aspects of the production to keep each and everyone engaged in the projects and processes. We are not expecting perfect English to begin with, as all will, through creativity, muscle memory and listening, absorb the language subliminally. 

For those who would like to practice their English understanding and speaking abilities, I also offer 1-2-1 video sessions throughout the week. For more information, please contact me for more information via WhatsApp.

Question 5: My child has a disability / learning difficulties. Are they welcome?

Absolutely, we pride ourselves on offering an inclusive experience for all. Differentiation has always been paramount in our planning, teaching, direction and producing methodology.  

Whether a student is not neurotypical, or they have health conditions, impairments or learning difficulties – they deserve exactly the same experience as anyone else. 

For instance, I have extensive experience and knowledge from working with individuals who are on the Autistic spectrum, whether they’re extroverted or introverted, I believe I have a special knack in being able to communicate with each person and make them feel at ease.

Whilst we will endeavour to do our best to include everyone, it is essential that parents / legal guardians inform me upfront so that I can try my best to accommodate.

Question 6: How much do your classes cost?

€99 per person per term. 

This includes weekly professional drama tuition throughout a six to eight week term comprising face to face classes and a few extra lessons and rehearsal times conducted via secure video conference calls.  

From September 2023 onwards, individuals may be cast in a stage production for which there will be an additional single performance fee of €30 per person. 

No additional tuition fees are charged for extra rehearsals in the performance venue such as the longer tech and dress rehearsals (with costumes, props, lights and music), or the shows.

Discounts for multiple siblings may be available.

Question 7: Does my child need to bring anything for the class?

Yes, a bottle of water, a small snack and comfortable clothing.

They may also need to bring a copy of their script and a pen with them so that they can make notes to help them remember the directions given.

For health and safety reasons, please do not wear loose footwear such as sandals or Crocs.

Question 8 – Is there parking near the venues?

There are places to park near each of our locations in Málaga.

Well, that’s all for now and thank you very much for taking the time to read this. 

I am always open to questions, so please feel free to contact me on WhatsApp.

Many thanks

Tim Rowland BA (Hons) Perf. Arts (act)