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Unlocking the Magic of Theatre: The Estepona Drama Collective

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members playing drama games having fun Estepona Drama Collective

Do you dream of seeing your child shine on stage, full of confidence and creativity? The Estepona Drama Collective is your answer! 🎭

The benefits of acting go beyond just honing theatrical skills. It’s about personal growth, teamwork, and building a strong foundation for life. Below are just some of the advantages of learning how to act for young talents in Estepona, Marbella, San Pedro, Casares, Manilva, and beyond:

🌟 Boosted Confidence: Acting empowers children to express themselves fearlessly. Through our interactive games and voice coaching, they’ll gain the self-assurance to tackle any challenge.

🌟 Enhanced Creativity: Theatre sparks imagination like no other. Our classes encourage kids to explore their creativity, from portraying different characters to working on exciting projects like “Robinson Crusoe.”

🌟 Improved Communication: Acting nurtures strong communication skills, a valuable asset in any future endeavor. Whether your child dreams of being on stage or off, effective communication is key.

🌟 Teamwork and Collaboration: Theatre is the ultimate team sport. In our drama collective, your child will learn the importance of collaboration, forging lasting friendships while working towards common goals.

🌟 Resilience: Theatre teaches kids to embrace challenges. They’ll discover that with dedication and perseverance, they can conquer any role or obstacle life throws at them.

With a successful history of sold-out children’s theatre shows in the UK, we are thrilled to bring our dynamic theatre group to Spain! As part of our exciting journey, we’ll be working on a brand new yet traditional panto adaptation of the classic “Robinson Crusoe” 🏝️ set to be performed next year.

Estepona launch term september to october 2023

Don’t miss out! 📅 Join us on Wednesday, September 27th, from 4.45pm to 6.15pm at the Evolve Yoga & Fitness Studio in Estepona.

Let’s nurture your child’s talents and watch them flourish on and off the stage!